Grand Parade

The Gympie Show Grand Parade is not to be missed. See all our winners and placegetters from many of the livestock events and their parade around the grounds along with our showgirls, show and community members.



Fireworks Displays

See the spectacular fireworks displays on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights sponsored by Tom Grady Rural and enter the competition to win prizes.




Noah's Pig Races

It is not always the fastest pig that wins the race, it is sometimes the smartest pig. Usually in a deep sleep, Noah’s Farm pigs hear the Bugle Call and they hurriedly run into their starting box to await the commencement of the race. See all the action of these little guys at our 2017 show.




Tractor Pull

The Tractor Pull is a fun crowd pleaser with lots of grunt and noise for those that enjoy big powerful machines.

The object of the Tractor Pull is simple, to pull an ever-increasing load further down a dirt track than anyone else in your class.A puller does not have to go faster than a competitor, only further.  Unlike other forms of motor sport, there are no eliminations.  Once a class starts the competition continues until a winner is determined.Should more than one competitor clear the 100-metre mark, then the sled has more weight added and the tractors who ‘Full Pulled’ competes again to determine an outright winner.

See the PROGRAMME or starting times


Cattle Dog Trials

Cattle Dog Trials

Again this year there will be the very popular working dog demonstration.  Cattlemen and women, will be using their dogs to move cattle around an arena and through obstacles.  The natural herding instincts of the Australian Kelpie and Border Collies shows the high level of control which can be gained by using commands. This is a sight to be seen for young and old.  Not to be missed!


Image result for cattle working dogs


The Trots at the Gympie Show has now been a crowd pleaser for 2 years.  2017 Show brings another year for the trots in the main arena on the Thursday and Friday at the Gympie show.  Find the racing times in the PROGRAMME.



FMX Kaos Display

The proud sponsors of this years major event is Gympie Regional Realty & Wide Bay Motorcycles

FMX Kaos is one of the best international freestyle motocross teams from Australia. Over the years they have performed with the Crusty Demons overseas as well as tour events with Nitro Circus. FMX Kaos have been on many sensational events around the world; they build their own ramps, engineer their own madness and attempt some of the best spectaculars known to FMX. Don’t miss any of the chaos with the Kaos crew ripping up the lime light and suspending time as the defy gravity at the 2017 Gympie Show.





Double Dan

Jenquine proudly presents Double Dan Horsemanship at this year’s show. Double Horsemanship Dan amazes crowds everywhere with their exciting and individual brand of entertainment, clinics and training. Dan Steers, the man behind Double Dan Horsemanship, and is a very talented individual. Their liberty horses celebrate freedom and beauty and combined with their comedy acts, roman riding, fire routines and arena spectaculars, Double Dan Horsemanship provide world class live entertainment in a variety of acts. Catch their performances at the 2017 Gympie Show.





Gympie Theatre Association
International Wrestling Australia

Escape to the amazing world of IWA Pro Wrestling, brought to you by The Property Shop Australia It’s a family fun action packed live show. With heavyweight matches, women’s matches, tag teams and daredevils all guaranteed to blow you away! It’s a body slamming, bone crunching, non stop sports entertainment. International Wrestling Australia (IWA) is dishing out more fun, more action and more excitement than has ever been seen in the 100+ year old Australian pro-wrestling circuit.  Above and beyond the standard live sporting event this adds elements of theatre and comedy, IWA’s live shows are action packed and exceedingly entertaining. They have performed at hundreds of venues across Australia and will be at the 2017 Gympie Show.



Camel Rides

Cathy from Cruizey Camel Rides and Hayley from Camelot Dairies are working together to bring to you Cruizey Camel Rides at this years Gympie Show. Cathy and Hayley will be there with 3 of their beautiful camels for people to have photos with, pat and have a ride.  Come find them at the Animal Nursery. After you have a ride you can meet Cathy and Hayley and even sample some Camel Milk at the Pavilion.